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Protected.Arm systematically against crisis.

Advice from comratio in systematic crisis prevention will help your organization to anticipate crisis situations and thus remain capable of action.

Secured.Safeguarding your assets through risk management

comratio advise in risk management on how to deal effectively with strategic and operational risks and the performance of your organization.

Checked.methodically identify opportunities and risks.

Risk and Crisis audits of comratio cover risks, aware of the topic, optimize processes and create a positive safety culture.

Comratio Technology & Consulting offers you professional services for Risk- and crisismanagement

Pay attention to your risks ...

Holistic approach

Risks are far more than just numbers of probabilities and sizes of losses. Risk management includes risk identification, risk evaluation, risk analysis/ risk assessment, as well as the definition of risk measurements and the handling of risks. Further elements can be the internal audit, an ICS, an early warning system and finally a preventative crisis management as well as the crisis intervention.

Risk management

Strategic and operative risk management has continually matured and has gained more and more importance for companies. This is also strongly suggested by the legal conditions: From KonTraG (D), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX – USA), Revisionsaufsichtsgesetz (RAG – CH), JSOX (J), MaRisk (D) to Basel II / Basel III and COSO as well as other Risk Management Standards (e.g. ONR 49000 or ISO 31000 and most recently also ISO 31010).

Risk management does not have to be just a vision on the horizon. It is an abstract subject matter and there are many generic concepts. A consultant helps you to put these into practice and to transform them into living processes. That way, your risk consciousness will also be increased.

Preventative Crisis Management

Our attitude toward crisis management is the same as Berthold Brecht’s: “Crisis is a productive state – one just has to get rid of the aftertaste of catastrophe.” Crises are predictable and if you beforehand form a functioning crisis committee, you will not be caught by surprise in case of a crisis. In order to reduce pressure and stress factors, to safe time and to have multiple courses of action, a preventative crisis management is of immense importance.

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