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Crisis Management

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Audits / Quick Checks

Audits serve to review the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing concept and the identification of possible dangers. In the context of an audit, extensive checklists can be brought into use.
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Crisis management system

An effective crisis management system as “Krisenlan” includes a powerful, streamlined crisis management organization, efficient processes and elaborate checklists for structured processing.
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Crisis Communication

Explosions, fires, spills, and accidents with injured or dead: Quickly the company finds itself in the news from TV, radio, print to online media becoming a large topic in social networks.
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Media Trainings

Corporate crises over the media exert high pressure on corporate communications and communication professionals. It is expected that they act as ambassadors of their company, showing clarity, openness, responsibility and competence when communicate key messages ad statements of their company.
If you or your employees slip up in this situation, your company could stand to lose face with the public, clients, employees, senior management and partners. It depends not only on “hard facts” in crisis communications, but also the soft skills, rhetorical skills, articulation, facial expressions and gestures.
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As an independent consultant, comratio can assist you,

  • to see clearly which „Tools“ your company actually needs for Risk Management and
  • to filter out the most suitable Tool for your company from the somewhat confusing marketplace, and by
  • working with your through the implementation and making sure, that the goals you set are achieved.

On the basis of experience, comratio has already made a few small scale solutions available to customers (e.g. Risk Management with Excel).
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Coaching / Training

comratio offers individual coaching and seminars for groups as „Helping you help yourself“. Examples include:

  • Introductory courses in the topic for a new Risk Manager
  • Sensitivity training for small groups
  • Roll-out Coaching for the introduction/ change of methodology
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Key questions

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Are you prepared for an unexpected crisis?

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] It is unpleasant… but have you thought about it?

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] Do you have a reputation to lose?

[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] How good are you at something that you have never done before…?

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“Crisis is a productive state –one just has to get rid of the aftertaste of disaster.” – (Max Frisch)

Stop the Crisis

Crisis Management

Crisis situations are often characterised by the pressure to act quickly. Moreover, a surprising development can sometimes bring with it the unwanted attention of the media, adding to the overall pressure. Suitable, preventative crisis management aims to reduce these pressures and stress factors.

Are you prepared for a case of emergency, or are you heading for a crisis? Crisis situations are often predictable. They are characterized by time pressure and a pressure to act. Media publicity is often unexpected and can increase the pressure; however, a proper, preventative crisis management/ BCM, including a crisis organization, will allow you to reduce these pressures and stress factors. In such a situation, checklists are suddenly invaluable, because they make the crisis intervention a lot easier.

The administrative structures and basic processes, which have to be employed in crisis situations, can be planned and prepared in advance. Preparations, such as checklists and contingency plans, allow you to save valuable time and provide you with more options on how to deal with the problem. The core element of a crisis management is afunctioning crisis management committee with a corresponding crisis organisation.

Recently, the terms “Business Continuity Management” (BCM) and “Emergency Management” have been used simultaneously to crisis management; however, a business continuity management (BMC) is only a portion of differentcrisis-prevention measures. It specifically focuses on certain scenarios that endanger a business’s resources. Therefore, the business continuity management represents only a part of an overarching crisis management. Instead, it focuses on the crisis intervention.

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Emergency Management

It also represents only one aspect of crisis management. It focuses on how to best deal with an emergency and is therefore in no way sufficient to analyze further scenarios and consequences. A well prepared crisis manager precociously tries to avoid unwanted effects or negative consequences. In his task, the crisis manager is being supported by the crisis management committee.

The challenge of a crisis intervention lies in the coordinated interaction of all these forces, which cannot be completely planned in advance, but can be well prepared. As a consultant, we are able to apply our knowledge and experience from previous crisis situations and thereby help you to improve yours.
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The competency profile of a Crisis Manager is challenging, while resources and manpower scarce. In certain questions, this makes the outsourcing of various aspects appealing. This can be done on a temporary or permanent basis. Both cases have to be clearly defined and tested.
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Conceptual Work

  • Development and implementation of a Risk Management System (RMS) custom-made for your company.
  • Optimisation of the existing concepts.
  • Definition of offices and their interfaces.
  • Definition and design of a practical reporting system.
  • Assistance in normalising and standardising an internal design concept measured against possible international standards.
  • Development of consistent documentation.
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