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Audits / Quick Checks

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Audits serve as an examination of efficiency and effectiveness in terms of identification and handling of potential risks. Defined scope of an audit could be:

  • Systematic detection of possible security flaws and timely identification of risks
  • Optimization of processes through suitable measures
  • Increase of risk consciousness
  • Creation of a positive security culture within the company

Within the frame of a risk-audit or a quick-check, by using a structural, systematic approach, relevant chances and risks can be identified. Together with you, we will make sure that the investments you’ve made are being used in a benefitting way and that long-term additional value can be generated. Because of our longtime experience in practical auditing, we are the ideal consultant and auditor in regard to the organizational and the operational structure of your business.

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Because of legal requirements, in many companies, there are often various functions and parts existent that can be used for a BCM or crisis management. A quick check serves to first of all gain an overview over the present condition of your business. If there are critical points that raise your suspicion, an audit can be done additionally. Has your crisis management/BCM been audited lately?

Possible areas of examination

  • Organizational structure (role distribution, competences, responsibilities)
  • Operational structure (processes within the scope of a risk cycle, maturity level)
  • Verification of the risk portfolio’s weaknesses
  • Evaluation of the methods chosen
  • Evaluation of the documentation’s completeness
  • Comprehensibility/ transparency
  • Coordination/ interfaces of the instruments that are being used
  • Existing infrastructure (premises/ technique etc.)
  • Verification of the scenarios’ transparent weaknesses
  • Evaluation of the concept
  • Coordination with the personnel involved
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