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Checklists as a cure?

Checklists are often “hated” and are often ignored and yet used frequently …. and demand repeatedly. Checklists in crisis management are very helpful and are subject to special challenges.

Bring your checklists on track. Today.


Checklists versus Process

Many companies use checklists far too little. In many cases we find “checklists” for companies that present more of a drain or a decision tree as a checklist. If your checklists, words such as “decide”, or “If …, then …” constructions contain or alternative routes, then they are probably no more Checklsite. Checklists are best used for

  • Verification of information
  • Completeness check
  • Checking the correctness

Checklists are used both in normal operation as well as in incident and crisis case as a basis.

Checklists must “fit” in a crisis

In a crisis, requires special consideration that stress makes it difficult to process the situation. Nobody likes long looking at a thick manual and everyone has experienced that he has forgotten one thing or another important detail under stress. That would normally yes “never” happened. That means in reverse: checklists should possibly also be very well thought out and detailed – depending on the field and topic. To determine the optimum efficiency here, it takes quite consideration beforehand.

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What checklist(s) do you need?

This is in advance difficult to assess. In principle, the number and level of detail depends on the one hand according to the scenario and the understanding of the parties.
We offer from a variety of up to 150 different checklists to filter out the best for you or they tailor it to you. While it needs in case of emergency only a fraction of the prepared checklists, but then you are grateful for every good checklist. What are your experience? We are curious: Contact


Rules for Checklists

As part of the arrangements we have even created a few useful rules that have proved to be needs to create and edit checklists to be very helpful. Ask us about it.

Exact details are available direct at comratio. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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