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Our Riskmanagement trainings

Comratio offers individual coaching and/ or seminars for groups. This includes for example:

  • Introduction courses on the subject matter for new risk managers
  • Sensitization of groups of individuals
  • Roll-out coaching in the case of the introduction/ change of methodology

Businesses are exposed to many risks. The political, social, economical and technological framework is constantly changing and therefore increasing the risk potential. Companies can only be successful, if they are able to identify risks at an early stage, understand them and manage them efficiently. It is therefore essential for businesses to set up a functioning risk management. To be able to identify external and internal risks early, evaluate them properly and to take appropriate measures is absolutely essential to a company’s long-term success. In our intensive-seminar you will learn how the setting up and the upgrading of an efficient risk management system works in practice.

Our goal is it, to provide you with a manual on how to deal with risks and how to plan and implement measures timely and at optimal costs. You will learn to evaluate risks and to present their developments visually by using suitable instruments. That way, you are making sure that the individual risks of your business are continually being reduced to a minimum.

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Possible training contents are:

  • Typical sources of risks
  • Risk analysis
  • Successful risk management
  • Which methods can be used for what kind of risks?
  • Dealing with unidentified risks
  • Risk monitoring and risk governance
  • Implementation of tools for your risk management

Our offer includes introduction courses for new risk managers, as well as coaching/ training that aims at the sensitization of extended groups of people. It can be arranged as a group seminar, or as individual coaching. Correspondingly, the dates can be adjusted to your schedule.

Deal with your business’ risk and chances in a profound manner and learn to manage them professionally.

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