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Crisis Communication

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Explosions, fires, spills, and accidents with injured or dead: Quickly the company finds itself in the news from TV, radio, print to online media becoming a large topic in social networks. But even with “non-technical” events, such as corruption, price fixing or layoffs a company can find themselves dealing with by an increasingly critical, conflict-ready and networked public.

Consequences of poor crisis communication

A positive corporate image which is built over years can be damaged in the shortest possible time, often with serious consequences.  These may include the withdrawal of customers, unsettled employees, mistrusts in matters of politics and authorities and decline in sales.

In order for it not to come to that, sustainable crisis prevention in the field of communication is needed: be well prepared!  The aim must be strategically based, content compelling and operationally effective communication delivered safely, effectively and efficiently.


Be well prepared for the crisis

This works best with immediately available, tailored content for communication in the event of a crisis, clearly defined responsibilities and distributed tasks in communication management, perfect standing (perfect composure) with media training in front of the camera and on the phone.

For companies that are still inadequately prepared, we put on the alert everything in motion, so that the event does not lead to a crisis or a crisis can be tackled as quickly as possible through support of public relations in crisis communications: strategic consulting in crisis PR, development of communication activities, as well as personal coaching. Ideally the expert team of consultants from Comratio has prepared the company in crisis communication, journalists, media trainers, and cameramen already during “peaceful” times.

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Services of Comratio

  • Development of measures in crisis PR e.g. Foundations for statements and first language rules, content for initial communications, profiles of sites, media-rich product and material content.
  • Development of a methodology in the management of communication and/or crisis management roles with manuals and checklists.
  • Consulting, development of strategies in crisis communications and appropriate communication measures.
  • Media training, PR workshops

Event/Crisis Services

  • Consulting, Coaching of GF and corporate communications, crisis management consulting
  • Content support: scenario work, strategy, press release, statement, Q + A, stakeholder management, etc.
  • Organizational Support: Back office, press conference, meeting, etc.
  • Quantitative and qualitative media analysis
  • Follow-up public relations activities
How well are you prepared in crisis communications? Can you respond with professional measures of crisis PR and fast? Contact us to arrange an appointment for an informal talk. Call us at +41 (43) 443 91 00 or send us an e-mail to
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