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Crisis management exercise

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Our offers for crisis teams


Simulations and crisis exercises provide security: comratio supports companies in the design, planning, organization, execution and evaluation of the crisis unit exercises / crisis simulations. We we evaluate your crisis management and crisis management in the work of the crisis team, advise and correct with your company’s established strengths and weaknesses.

  • Crisis Simulation / crisis management exercise in graduated intensity
  • Team exercise: learning as a team to solve a problem based on a board game
  • Team-Simulation: The computer-based version of a team-training focusing crisis

Expiration of a crisis management exercise / simulation

Based on a scenario of a fictitious crisis comratio is initiated, moderates and observed. In preparation for the exercise drawn comratio in advance a “writer” and agrees that from the relevant department. We ensure that the scenario is designed as realistically as possible in accordance with the existing instruments and allows to achieve the stated objectives.

The crisis team members are then prompted to resolve the crisis scenario under time pressure and possible by using tools such as role manuals and checklists. In this way, the entire process is to be run once.

At the end of the exercise, the feedback from the operators and on the other hand, the findings of the observer on the one hand discussed and evaluated. Any changes or improvements are to be tested and integrated into a continuous improvement. We pay attention, inter alia to the following points:

  • alarming
  • Organizational capacity of the crisis team
  • Management of the crisis team
  • Distribution of tasks, delegation
  • Personal Functioning of the roll holder
  • Collaboration with internal and external interfaces
  • Briefing / information flow
  • Realistic assessment of the situation
  • Documentation able development
  • Documentation of the measures taken
  • Scenario work and identify measures
  • Quality of processing of internal and external inquiries
  • crisis communication
  • Appearance before the media (eg. B. raid statement, press conference)
  • media monitoring
  • “Workability” of the crisis area, equipment

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Crisis Management Team

A management team slips briefly into the role of an expert crew and has an object to solve together.

It is a board game in which all players play together against the game.

It may sound trite, but it is a real challenge. The actions of the crew are messed up again by chance and the rules of the game. The aim of the game is the team in an exceptional situation (similar to a crisis situation) to install and perform the work as a team in mind. The parallels with the crisis team situation are identified and developed.


Crisis team as ship crew

A management team slips briefly into the role of a ship’s crew and must steer the ship through various tricky situations. The situation is set up as a simulation and supported by a computer program. The actions of the crew are fed into the computer, which calculates the consequences of actions and sets a new situation for the crew. The goal of the simulation is, the team in an exceptional situation (similar to a crisis situation) to bring and promote the work as a team.

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