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Media Trainings

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Media Trainings

Corporate crises over the media exert high pressure on corporate communications and communication professionals. It is expected that they act as ambassadors of their company, showing clarity, openness, responsibility and competence when communicate key messages ad statements of their company.

If you or your employees slip up in this situation, your company could stand to lose face with the public, clients, employees, senior management and partners. It depends not only on “hard facts” in crisis communications, but also the soft skills, rhetorical skills, articulation, facial expressions and gestures.

Pre-crisis practice for media appearances

Media training by Comratio including practice in front of the camera with media representatives will give you and your staff the necessary security. Experienced journalists, cameramen, communications trainers and publicists are used in the training process. Place messages of crisis communication in the right place, defend against negative representations proactively, learn rules of the media game: corporate governance, corporate communications, and other staff with media contact will be trained by Comratio in single or group training sessions with special challenges before the microphone, camera and phone.

The training sessions are geared to the specific needs for communication with the media and other target groups and stakeholders (e.g., employees, family members, service users, neighbors, and shareholder) in the event of an incident.

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Services provided by Comratio

  • Properly prepared messages: statement training, interview training, press conference and on camera training.
  • Show credibility: rhetoric and articulation, facial expression and gestures
  • Professional Telephone Skills: intensive training for dealing with special target groups on the phone
  • Persuasive communication: principles of crisis communication, functioning of the media in emergencies
An example of the implementation of a media training on camera can be found under coaching | training. The success of the media training is regularly tested in a crisis simulation.

How prepared are you for “raids” of media players? Is there a risk that your employees will respond to media inquiries with “no comment”? Contact us to arrange an appointment for an informal talk. Call us at +41 (43) 443 91 00 or send us an e-mail to

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