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Tools for handling crisis

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Digicard – your manual, always there

Standard manuals are thick and heavy and not really handy. Our guide fits in your wallet (or pocket). The Digicard is an individualized solution specifically designed for crisis management manuals. It can be completely customized to your needs and contains all the files and information that a crisis team member needs when traveling. Therefore in the case of a crisis, you are completely independent of the availability of a local network. The latest version of the Digicard even updates itself (almost) all by itself.

TreeBuilder for crisis management manuals

The software TreeBuilder is a solution that is designed to assist those responsible for updating and maintaining crisis management manuals. It is perfectly adaptable to the Digicard and therefore relieves those responsible during maintenance. Treebuilder generates a new version of an intranet site of with all of updated links at your fingertips. The crisis management manual is then made available online in conjunction with the Digicard. The solution has been developed specifically for manuals crisis management, but was gladly “misused” by customers for other manuals.

More details are available from Comratio directly. Please contact us if you are interested.

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Selection of tools

As an independent advisor, we can help you:

  • to develop a clear vision of what really matters in “tools” makes sense for you.
  • the exact requirements to formulate precise
  • to filter out and present the appropriate tools.
  • accompany the implementation, and to ensure that the stated objectives can be achieved.

Based on experience with various tools and requirements, we have developed small solutions have worked anywhere where the existing services are too expensive, too complicated or too inflexible.

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