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Internal Audit

An internal audit presents an essential support for the governance of a business. Among other things, it verifies, whether the company conforms to its own goals in terms of efficiency and control, but also, whether it is fulfilling external compliance demands, respectively, whether the ICS is working efficiently.

Therefore, the internal audit contributes essentially to the security, enhancement in value and the improvement of the company. Especially smaller businesses, which do not have a lot of experience with internal audits, usually can avail themselves of great potentials for improvement.

An internal audit of actual standards does a lot more than just check off points on a check list. The whole auditing process, from the selection, the preparation, the announcement and the execution to the reporting, is a challenging process.

How far have you thought about this topic? Have you been using an internal audit to your advantage? Contact us.
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Security Management

Security Management covers a broad spectrum of topics: from physical safety, data protection, to counterespionage and personal security. Considering the number of external dangers and the increasing pressure to conform to legal guidelines, companies have to coordinate a number of different security processes and security technologies. In many corporations, there are individual security areas that are well developed; however, a clear connection to the company strategy is often missing, as well as a clear definition of necessary security measures, based upon the requirements of the business processes and the risk analysis.

At the point of the introduction and implementation of an integrated, process-oriented security management system our consulting comes into effect. In a first step, the existing security deficits have to be analysed comprehensively. This examination can be done either on the whole security management system, or on individual, selected aspects of it. Subsequently, the security objectives and the security policy have to be determined.
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Security Management Services offered

Moreover, we operatively support your company in the development of thematic areas, responsibilities and security processes. Our personnel are especially knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Emergency planning
  • Working safety
  • Physical safety
  • Fire prevention
  • Safety of logistics
  • Information security
  • Trademark protection
  • Travel security
  • Plant security
  • Selection of a security service provider

In which other area do you need assistance?
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