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Internal audit

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An internal audit is an essential support for the corporate management. It verifies whether a company compliant (or neudeutsch compliant) with its own standards in terms of efficiency and control, respectively, met external compliance requirements. An internal audit by current standards is much more than just edit checklists. Because the entire revision process of the selection of audit, audit preparation, the audit notice, audit implementation to reporting is demanding.


The need of executives for reliable financial information has never been so acute as it is today. The management must always control all aspects of the company and be able to report on the effectiveness of the ICS – from finance and accounting to health and safety at work to environmental impact, of the IT infrastructure to the relationships with customers and suppliers. They must be able to identify potential risk areas and issues immediately and fix (plan-do-check-act).


The main tasks and fields of activity of the internal audit have changed greatly in recent years and expanded. The internal audit has increasingly become an independent and objective assurance and consulting function, improves business processes within a company and thereby generate added value. An optimal use of the internal audit requires a deeper understanding of business objectives, risks and controls, the legal environment and the different expectations of stakeholders. Therefore, the modern Internal Audit aligns to the following priorities:

  • Of the audited structures and processes
  • Law and Policy Compliance
  • Discharge of the operating units
  • Ensure Proper Operation
  • Prevention of various forms of economic crime
  • Monitor risk exposure
  • In all these areas, the Internal Audit auditing and consulting activities through to give the management security and to ensure the objectivity and independence.

A modern internal audit contributes to the value of the company at almost every company size. For companies that are too small or for other reasons have limited resources, we offer our services as a qualified support in outsourcing or co-sourcing methods, because an internal audit can and every company should afford.

A well-functioning internal audit contributes significantly to the safety, value and improve the company. Smaller companies that have not had any experience with an internal audit, can raise significant potential for improvement in the rule here. Here we can support them.

We evaluate your internal audit according to accepted scales and present suggestions. We also advise them founded on the structure and the strategic direction of your Internal Audit, at the risk-based planning and carrying out tests in various fields.

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Key Questions

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] [extra_wrap] Are the necessary competence and expertise for audit in the company?

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] [extra_wrap] How can resources be offered flexibly to cover all locations of the company?

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] [extra_wrap] How can the effectiveness of risk management, internal audit and corporate governance be measured?
[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] [extra_wrap] Are there external service providers who can assist a company in these matters economically and competently?


Outsourcing or Co Sourcing?

And outsourcing or co outsourcing of the internal audit to an independent, specialized service offers clear advantages. An independent assessment by a specialist ensures not only the fulfillment of requirements, it also brings important opportunities for comparison and expertise with a. You can help a company to optimize processes and more efficient.

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