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Audit Tools

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Tools in the field of internal auditing to support the work of those involved effectively and efficiently. First, you must be defined, which must provide a “tool” exactly who will use it and “befüttern” and what is expected as a result.

The expertise from various projects of this type we have used to develop their own solutions. These are preferably then used if market solutions too expensive, too complicated or are not tailored to the needs.



This tool was created for internal auditing of our audit planning risk point and relies on MS Excel. The RiOP Excel tool is used to prioritize and transparent design of selection processes for test objects. Based on a series of criteria specific priorities are formed and from a test plan for the Internal Audit derived (in contrast to risk management) to risk-oriented point of view.

The MS Excel program helps to structure the data in the evaluation, in the selection and the rapid transfer into a suitable report format. There is no test software, but only helps in the selection.

The design and contents can be specially adapted to the specific requirements of the company. In an individual mask their own criteria can be compiled and the information that it needs in individual cases structured, are recorded. Furthermore comratio provides the individual design of the layout of special bundles, depending on company size and comprehensive briefings / training.

The planning and evaluation is carried out using risk ranking lists and charts as a comprehensible process. various documents and lists of the audit plan according to personal needs can be created from the data collection out. The Excel tool is next to the internal audit also excellent for the ICS and compliance functions.

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Tools – Why and what for..?

As an independent consultant comratio can help to develop a clear vision of what a company really needs in terms of tool in the field of internal audit and can formulate precise requirements together with the customer. Then we can filter out the for the company most appropriate tool and support the procurement process. comratio accompanied the implementation and ensures that the stated objectives are achieved in this way.

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