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Security is a precondition for the correct operation of all business processes along the entire value chain. Short term production and service failures may cause long-term loss of market share due to the fierce competition.


From physical security, privacy about counterintelligence to protect people: Given numerous external threats and increasing pressures legal guidelines companies have to coordinate different security processes and technologies. In many companies, individual areas of safety are well trained.

but often lack a clear link to business strategy, and a clear derivation of the necessary security measures from the requirements of business processes and the risk analysis. With the introduction and implementation of a holistic, process-oriented safety management system our consulting comes in.

In a first step, the existing security deficits to be comprehensively analyzed. The test may either refer to the entire safety management system as well as individual, selected aspects of this field.
Then the security objectives and security policies are set. Furthermore, the company is in drawing up the thematic areas, responsibilities and safety processes and operational support.


Security Management / Security Management is a complex process of management of material and human resources. The goal is to be a reliable partner both internally and externally in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Specific topics in this context are:

White Collar crime

Economic crime is a growing risk for companies and causes worldwide annual losses in the billions. Although more than half of all companies surveyed in the context of scientific studies were affected by economic crime, the risk is even suffering damage through fraud, theft, embezzlement or corruption, often underestimated in many companies and not taken seriously enough.


Through economic and competitive intelligence numerous international companies are created each year also major damage. Against the mostly long-planned, approach a competitor or foreign intelligence protects only a holistic, modern security solution. This contributes significantly to securing valuable information and can thus give the company a competitive advantage.

Personal Security

Any person or any family suffers a different threat perceptions. In the area of ​​physical security / protection of persons, it is therefore to develop individual solutions for individual threats. Again, prevention of all-important key to ensure safety at a high level.

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Our employees have special knowledge in the fields of:

  • emergency planning
  • work safety
  • Physical security
  • Fire protection
  • Safety in logistics
  • information Security
  • Travel Security
  • Organization works protection
  • Selecting a security provider

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