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Keep it simple but smart

An efficient Internal Control System (ICS) enhances the transparency and efficacy of business processes as well as the security of business related matters in terms of risk management. Errors and irregularities are being identified and minimized, and the compliance to rules and regulations is being monitored. Furthermore, with a target- and risk-oriented internal control system you document business matters and controls according to audit guidelines and guarantee compliance to regulatory demands at the same time.

An internal control system can only be effective, if it is

  • complete
  • comprehensible
  • efficiently designed
  • beinglived

This last issue implies that it must be simple to apply. In order to achieve a functional solution, which does more than just conform to legal obligations, it is essential to build efficient controls through stronger automation and to develop a sustainable internal control system, which is able to guarantee safe information about risks and processes at all times.

  • How efficient is my internal control system?
  • Are you still looking for an efficient solution to implement?
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Tools.. When and why?

As an independent consultant comratio can help to develop a clearer vision of what a company really needs in terms of tool in the field of internal controls and we can formulate precise requirements together with the customer.

Knowing a fair amount of the market we filter out the most appropriate tool for the company and – if desired – support the procurement process. comratio accompanies the implementation and this helps to ensure that the stated objectives are achieved.


Our recommendation

WE have a clear favourite…. If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch.

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