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Risk Management for beginners

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Risk management has been for years on everyone’s lips. But we realize again and again that there are companies still that was not or only now address the issue properly.
That’s why we have a kind of “risk management for beginners, or risk management” light “designed as an introduction to the subject. The starting point is usually one of the following situations:

1) You already have a risk management, but are not so happy with the concept or implementation?

2) You do not have an “official” risk management (there is another radio ions associated), but considering introducing a?


Key issues in building risk management

In this case, ask repeatedly core questions:

  • What exactly the benefits be?
  • What are the expected costs?
  • What really are my risks?
  • How big a company must be so worth the effort?
  • What need is actually what is more “nice to have”?
  • How should the system so that it is also practiced by the parties afterwards?
  • What tools do I need?
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Textbook does not replace experience

Again and again, a few books, possibly the usual standards and / or standard seminars to be consulted in the situation. Again and again find the players sooner or later, however, found that there is something simple sounds in theory, implement than in practice then. Is exactly where our expertise and help. Avoid the usual problems and pitfalls.

Do you want to quickly have a useful risk management?

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